Doomed from day one….

Apr 21, 2022

Want more J**** tea? It’s Chase Rice she talks about in her book about how she would’ve never gotten married if he would’ve said not to. I think she called him the night before the wedding.
Doomed from day one. Allegedly.


  1. Val

    Jessie James Decker? But I don’t remember her saying that in her book..

  2. MM

    Jessie James Decker 🙄

  3. Chaos

    Jessie James Decker. She has chased fame since day one. Maybe there was a relationship. However, the talent is not there for her.

  4. B

    Admittedly I don’t like country music so my only association of chase rice was when he was on survivor and his occupation was nascar jackman. Oh how he has grown…

  5. Sanaaaasaaa

    Confused. She doesn’t talk about this in her book at all.


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