Split in Nashville…

Apr 20, 2022

From: Nashville Thirst
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Dehydrated!

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The thirsty one in Nashville has split with her boyfriend again. She allegedly has a better offer. Back to mamas house he goes lol

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  1. Jen

    Jana lol

    • Leah Smith

      Pretty sure it’s Jana and Ian. Unfortunately. Poor guy. He was a good one for sure always giving her space when she needed it and watching her kids. Not sure what this means by mama’s house though. Pretty sure that’s his house. Also, they are running the Nashville half marathon this weekend……they trained together. Wonder if they will run together.

      • Leah S.

        Well, she ran the half marathon and he didn’t.
        Can’t blame him.


      Jana- already deleted all pic and they unfollowed each other.

  2. APL

    Not sure if it’s Jana, but she is not nice to him anyway. He watches her kids while she films and has girl’s nights. He seems pretty decent!
    It does look like she deleted the posts of the two of them. Better offer?? Wonder who

  3. KGTX

    Has to be Jana. Was just thinking yesterday she hadn’t posted about him in awhile, looked at her feed and he was still there. Today all pictures of Ian are gone and she’s posting about relationship sadness/support.

  4. JamiePNW

    Babahahahaha I knew this was coming! Maybe it’s her karma for coming for me and my friend when we let the world know she had moved his ass in before Christmas! I knew she’d find a reason not to run that marathon! If she does, I’ll happily eat my words but I don’t think homegirls got it in her. I think she found a new lover on the set of her new movie and NO, I do not mean Mario! He would never mess with her bullshit.

  5. N

    I went to high school with Ian and he’s an awesome guy!!

  6. N

    I went to high school with Ian and he’s an awesome guy!!


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