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Apr 19, 2022

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So I saw Kelly Dodd’s comment and had to say something. I was a server at a restaurant in OC years ago and 3 nurses came in. We hit it off so we started talking and we got onto the topic of reality tv. They told me that a few of their nurses had been seeing the same doctor from one of the housewife shows and he’s married. I was intrigued so I asked who and they said XXXX. They also said a lot of people know/knew about it and it wasn’t some big secret

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  1. Am I alone?

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about these kinds of things? If the wife is willing turning a blind eye, or there’s some arrangement then I don’t get the fuss!

    • Fancy Pants


    • 7 yr itch

      It’s only a big deal when you also try to pass yourselves off as marriage experts helping other couples, like they did at that drunk Dr. Jen dinner, and like they are trying to do with a new show they’re pitching

  2. L

    Terry Dubrow lol

  3. CharlestonBlonde

    If it’s Terry, I totally believe Heather would turn a blind eye to maintain her lifestyle.

    • Talia

      Heather doesn’t live off Terry. She has money herself. Plus she’s from a wealthy family

      • Pompous petty princess

        Hi Heather or heather minion!

    • Heidi

      He’s smarmy

  4. Lo


  5. Kjo

    We all watch Heather and Terry on tv, did anyone really think they were still intimate

  6. I’m not wrong

    I mean let’s be honest. If I was married to Terry I wouldn’t want to sleep with him. Best to let him sleep with others.

  7. Pineapple express

    I bet they’re swingers. She had pineapples in her dining room(?) I think. There were pineapples somewhere in her house tour on YouTube. Pineapples are a known “swingers” emblem 🤣

    • Rhonda

      Wait what?!

    • Oh please

      That’s not what they typically symbolize. Google is your friend.


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