Birthday party or Coachella?

Apr 19, 2022

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XXXXXXX wanted to be at Cruz’s first birthday party but it was very important to XXXXXX to go Coachella. She doesn’t let him out of her site when there’s partying involved, she just doesn’t trust him. Lots of fighting. she seems to know he’s using her for clout and to social climb but she wants to keep it together for their baby. Anon please as I know them all. 


  1. Anon

    She also didn’t celebrate Easter with her daughter so she could be at Coachella. She’s a terrible mom.

    • Curious

      How do you know she didn’t celebrate Easter? She easily could have gotten home in time…

    • You’re overreacting

      Wow that’s a bit much to jump to she’s a terrible mom. It’s just Easter

    • Sarah

      That’s a bit harsh

    • SheeShoo

      I don’t like Scheana or Brock, but Easter isn’t a “special” holiday for everyone. We don’t celebrate it in my family and it doesn’t make our parents/siblings/cousins terrible people.

    • Katie

      Not everyone celebrates Easter… It’s just another weekend to a lot of us.

    • Jc

      Are you even a parent? Don’t mom shame, that’s gross

    • KellyK

      Have you ever considered the fact that not all people celebrate Easter?

      • Wow

        This is the first I’ve ever heard so many people say they don’t celebrate Easter. How disappointing

        • Uh?

          Unfathomable why you would be disappointed that people don’t celebrate Easter. Not everyone has the same beliefs as you and you should really just worry about yourself

        • MelB

          Um, not everyone is a christian.

        • Sad

          Honey, there’s other religions in the world…and that’s not disappointing. I celebrate orthodox Easter and that was a week later.

        • Cj

          Not everyone is a practicing Christian?! Seriously

  2. MissL

    This will end in tears he’s a blatant deadbeat and she’s a vulnerable desperate to be in a relationship type girl. It’s not a good mix.
    He’s hit his ex it’s not a reach that he would cheat and he’s so dumb he will 100% get caught and then will come the waterworks like they always do when he’s held accountable for crappy behaviour


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