The 2.0 version…

Apr 18, 2022

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From: Cali Sober
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Cali Sober….

Spill It to
This 2.0 version of a non housewife Bravo star… he’s actually Cali sober. Not sure if people care.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (




  1. Annoying

    Carl 6.0 pro max? 🤮

  2. Lindsay

    James Kennedy? I thought we already knew he still smokes weed despite being “sober”.

  3. Cali-curious

    Does this mean just weed?

  4. DD

    I’m sure James is but for this I’m thinking Carl…

  5. Nancy

    James Kennedy

    • Nannernell

      It Carlito 2.0??

  6. Carl

    This is definitely Carl. Every season he would always be like Carl 2.0,3.0.. so “this 2.0 version” gives it all away.

  7. Itsabadtimebob

    Well weed has medicinal properties and alcohol does not, so!!!

  8. Mary Jane

    Carlito! Makes me love him even more… *swoon*

  9. C 5.0

    It’s 💯 Carl- he’s smoking weed

  10. NoNotCarl!

    I’m hoping this isn’t Carl! I don’t think he’d do drugs after his brothers passing.

    • Mary Jane

      Remember Motrin, Tylenol, etc are considered drugs. Weed is legal in most states and soon will be across all of US. Welcome to the real world

      • Dixcgirl

        All across the US??? I’m sure it will be a hundred years before it’s legal in SC. BUT I do agree that calling weed “doing drugs” is absolutely ridiculous!

      • Anon

        My sister started smoking marijuana and that was the gateway to her doing harder drugs and winding up in rehab. Welcome to the real world…

      • Mary Not Jane

        Weed can also be addictive. Someone with addictions and addictive personality traits, especially newly in recovery shouldn’t be smoking weed. Also according to the federal government it is still illegal, so. 🤷‍♀️

  11. Hubb house

    Carl. He has referred to himself as Carl 2.0

  12. So what

    If being Cali sober gets me up and working out at 6am, sign me up.

  13. Oldnews

    Definitely James. He said on VPR reunion he was Cali Sober lol

  14. Em

    Gotta be Carl, the first thing I wondered when I found out he was with Lindsey was how is he going to stay sober.

  15. Pasta party alchy

    James still drinks and does blow fyi i partied with him at Coachella… so yea there it is

  16. White girl wasted

    It’s not James, there’s been 80 blinds/DMs about people seeing him 10000% not sober from alcohol and ❄️

    • Carlito Obsessed

      Has to be Carlito since email references “house” and message has 2.0 in it. Good for him, weed is more like over the counter pain killers now except it doesn’t cause internal bleeding nor can you OD from it.

  17. Veronicar

    It isn’t James because he isn’t any form of sober and was openly California sober on the show. It is Carl and who cares? He never said he’s sober, he said he quit drinking. Plus weed helps a lot of people that don’t want to be on anti depressants.


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