Mad in Boca!

Apr 17, 2022

Text from image: 


Housewife spotting at the bagel place XXXXX XXXXXXX hiding in the backseat of a Range Rover. While her lover aka fiancé XXXX stood in line for the bagels and coffee with his son It’s called Boca Bagel Bar


Here’s the other tea He looked stressed AF so much so he was smoking a cigarette

He looked so fed up hahaha


  1. Just say'n

    Have you noticed Teresa hasn’t been posting any current loved up pics on her instagram. She use to post daily

  2. Anon

    Does he have an eternal sunburn? Or why is he always red? Stress from being with Tre? 🤣

    • Ladies don't act like that.

      Joe G looked like that as well. I thought some people from NJ looked like that. Look at Joe G, Franklin C even Bill looks like that at times.

  3. KVK

    Ever since meeting him, Teresa is everywhere but with her kids. Granted they are in Bahamas with Joe this weekend, but she’s forever on vacation with Louie. It’s pathetic.


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