Dirty Dallas…

Apr 17, 2022

Text from Image:

XXXXXXX is currently spreading horrible rumors about college girls that are 100% not true. Who would do that? It’s college girls. Also heard XXXXX brother has a hidden child that no one knows about.

Wait what rumors is she spreading

There is a sorority on the SMU campus that is going through some tough times. She is saying the freshman, or new members, had to suck guys XXXX to be in the sorority. It is 100% not true

black background with the word allegedly written in cursive

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Lord Hammercy

    Kameryn Westcott. And her brother in law does have a baby he doesn’t acknowledge. I follow the baby mama on ig.

    • Kristi m

      No way who’s the mom? Does she say the brother is the dad or how do you know

  2. Dallas

    Kari & court

  3. DD

    Damn Kameron.

  4. Tee

    Kam and court. But why would she care about sorority girls?

    • Hmmmm

      Wait, why would she care what sorority girls are doing? Also curious as to the “tough times” they’re having….


      She’s probably mad at one of them. One guess why. 🥴

  5. LL

    Guessing Guessing Kam and her man

  6. TakeAXanax

    Maybe Court has a sugar baby in the sorority and she’s lashing out😅The forced sucking of d would get this sorority thrown off campus…it’s outside the scope of hazing.


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