Matching rings & matching letters…

Apr 16, 2022


Text from image:

From: Lawyer Lawyerton

Subject: Matching Letters

Spill It to XXXX asked for engagement rings back from his two ex-fiancés using same attorney who copied and pasted the letter. July 2018 and March 2020. – 1 year and 8 months apart. It is supposed that he returned ~. He also has two different deposits on two different venues that are just sitting there. He was supposed to marry XXXX at XXXXX where he took XXXXXX to on one of their first dates. It’s a case of “copy and paste”

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  1. bravo in mn


  2. Allie

    Luis & Teresa 🤮

  3. CA Raisin

    Staaaawp, this sounds exactly like him! Cringe, cringe, cringe!! 😖😖😖

  4. Ocgal

    This just confirms that they are exactly made for each other. That stupid woman gene is alive and well in teresa


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