About the one who likes to marry, quickly & often….

Apr 16, 2022


Text from image: Her last husband Ant screwed a PA assistant on the set of his show Wheeler Dealers. And many others. He is a social climber and will do anything for the next thing. That last divorce wasn’t her fault and he used her. Was sad to watch. Then he acts like she dumped him for no reason to make himself look better in the media. He is scum. She on the other hand was very down to earth and very sweet every time we hung out. Anonymous please.


  1. Christina Haack El Moussa Anstead Haack Hall

    Ok, Christina.

  2. From flops to flips

    Christina haack or whatever Joshua’s last name is

  3. Anon

    Christina Hack and Ant Antead. Wow. I would’ve outted him!

  4. Laura

    Christina Haack (Hall)

    What makes this add up for me is that Tarek and Heather started showing up for public events all together in support of him after Christina and Ant split up. They all are messy.

  5. Vicky

    Did she write this?

  6. Sad story

    Her quick infatuation with the current hubby makes sense. Very trauma based and seeking love/healing/validation after feeling used and betrayed by the last one.

  7. Mrs. Hall

    This feels like an obvious plant from someone in her camp to try and smooth over the new marriage timeline. If it was true why didn’t any of this come out when they split? I’m calling b.s.

  8. B

    Also what I heard..

  9. BK

    Lol. I bet this is from one of her people.

  10. Anon

    Christina? Doubt it.

  11. 3rd times a charm

    Christina haack

  12. M

    Read this on another site ages ago as well. Perhaps, it’s true. I don’t watch these shows, but didn’t Tarek go crazy on her with a gun, and then she found Ant? The trauma stuff makes sense if this is the case. Maybe we need mind our own business; she’s not hurting anybody.

    • Jane

      I agree! JLo does the same thing and we still love her.

  13. Haha

    Christina trying to clean up her rep?

  14. H

    I had heard this before actually. She hasn’t covered herself in glory having a baby with him however Tarik pulled a gun on her and was (is) controlling and clearly Ant was a social climber who was using her too so I wish her the best with this man as outwardly it may seem like she marries every guy she meets but she just lacks judgement and wants love. I wish her and the new guy the best.

  15. HGTVRumors

    Have heard the same about Ant, he’s a cheater & social climber… basically just another Jesse James. Too bad for Renee.

  16. And she’s better??

    I can believe this. After her 2nd divorce she referenced a song about being used. I noticed her ‘bestie’ Shannon and her are no longer friends either. Wasn’t it here that someone said Josh and Christina got together when he was still married. They ALL seem messy!

    • Jaime

      I noticed that about her and Shannon too, wondered what happened?

  17. Alina

    I thought she was the cheater cheater pumpkin eater? That’s why the first hubby pulled the gun & went nuts & then with Ant she found this new hubby?! ?


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