Jersey engagement party….

Apr 15, 2022

Text from image: She wasn’t at the engagement party because XXXX wouldn’t allow her to invite her. XXXXXX knows too much about her and it scares her legit knows all her skeletons. XXXX called XXXXXXXX and said sorry I can’t invite u XXXX said no. Same with the competition show! She didn’t want her doing it with XXXXXXXX so XXXXXX backed out. 


  1. Jaclyn torre

    Dina is such a bitch. Going against her family for Teresa Giudice of all people. Dolores…it’s time to stop defending Teresa and drop her!!! She’s starting to look like a clown!!

    • BravoFanGirl

      Dolo is really good friend with Caroline, which testified in defense of her brother in law who was on trial for physically assaulting Dina, which meant caroline also went against her sister Dina.

      That’s crazy… I have zero respect and desire to see her on my screen. I actually support Dina and Teresa’s friendship which shows their loyalty to one another. I really like Dolo, but I also believe Danielle when she said Dolo was talking bad about Teresa behind her back.

    • Jen

      I don’t think you’re reading it right. Dina is the one who threw a temper tantrum.

    • Monica

      I wouldn’t think that considering what Caroline and Dina’s X ( Caroline’s brother in law) did to her. If I was Dina I would never speak to Caroline again.

    • Kiki

      Dina doesn’t like Caroline because she sticked up for her ex husband who had her and her current husband tied up she made a note for the judge as well to support albies brother…not sure if you knew or not it’s not because of Teresa

    • Kate

      No Dina has her right to stay away from people who supported the man who had hired people to beat her and her bf up. She didn’t turn her back on family Caroline turned her back on Dina.

    • Nicole

      Dina’s family went against her when she was brutally attacked. Especially Caroline, wrote a whole statement defending Dina’s crazy abusive husband.

  2. Ally

    Dina Dolores Teresa.

  3. Jen

    The whole Zen thing with Dina is a bunch of crap. She’s still the same mean girl. Dolores should blast her.

  4. Yeah Yeah

    Why is Dina so salty? I used to love her. I completely understand family issues, but keep your issues with that person…no need to forbid their associations with people you despise (even if it’s your family). Grow up – it’s called ‘life’ and it won’t always go your way. 🙄

  5. Last Year’s Versace

    Wow. Teresa is Dina’s puppet.

  6. Bored

    Dina Manzo is the most overrated hw of all time. She’s sucked and has always sucked.

  7. Jb

    I feel like dolo not being invited to the engagement party can’t be good for their friendship.

  8. Monica

    I honestly think it’s because Dolo speaks to Caroline occasion ally and considers her a friend is the reason Dina didn’t went her there. It could be skeletons but who knows. I still think Caroline turning in her sister the way she did is shameful.

    • Rae

      I agree!

    • Crys

      I always wondered on Caroline didn’t have a choice. I mean her brother in law is connected to the mob. They could have threatened her or her family

  9. Penny

    So let me get this straight, loyalty is the NUMBER one requirement for Terese from EVERYONE else *cough*Melissa….BUT does not apply to herself the hypocrite!
    I believe in loyalty, for sure, but it works BOTH WAYS BITCH!

  10. Live from Bergen County

    I’m not any big Dina fan, but can we not forget that Dina and her husband were stalked and physically assaulted w a bat, tied up, and robbed by Dina’s ex (Manzo) AND Caroline defended her Manzo brother in law in court and wrote a letter of character reference and didn’t support or stick up for her own sister. I wouldn’t want to be around someone who was friends with my own sister who defended my abuser.

    • claire

      this right here! Thank you for posting.

  11. Loyal my ass

    Speaking of loyalty, think Joe and Melissa were invited to the party? At one point they sided with Caroline too

    Caroline was my favorite Nj housewife. Would love her to come back


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