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Apr 14, 2022

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Subject: The Hills Have Nannies

Spill It to
I’m a nanny. Can’t say who it is because of NDAs. Best guess?

Started a date night occasional job for this high profile family in LA. i told them from the beginning around 3 times that i have a full time job so i wouldnt be available during the week. only at nights. they said sure!

fast forward to me meeting them to what i thought was an interview and for them it was day 1 on the job lmao. i walk thru the door and the dad goes “hey alexa who is (his name)” and alexa reads this mans entire wikipedia page and im like “😅😅 so cool..” he then asks, and i wish i was making this up, he goes “how has my presence affected your life?” like what?? haha you are a D list maybe C list at best. you havent. but let me boost his ego for a moment.
he proceeds to show me his red carpet pics while MB is upstairs getting ready. keep in mind i have worked for A+ lists families before so fame doesnt really bother me anymore. so im having to pretend him taking pics with other D list actors is cool. from that night I agree im never working a shift for them haaha
fast forward a month, no contact. i think im free. they ask me to house sit. i agree soley because i wont get to interact. they give me no tips. no info. didnt mention they had a old blind dog who couldnt walk. didnt give any info on the dogs diet or schedule. was there for almost a month house sitting and dog walking. i texted the them updates the first couple of days and then got told to not text them unless its an emergency?? hello?? i am at your house lol.
anyways. after that. i said for sure im done. now. fast forward to tonight. i am in hawaii and the dad texts me if im available. i say no im away on vacation. he goes “k can u find us someone?” HELLOOO SIRRR. I AM ON VACATION. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR U. left him on read. deleted his and mb number.
LA nannies, if a semi famous actor asks u to work for him and he makes u read his wiki in front of u. run lmao

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Confused in AZ

    This one is killing me…. Who is it?!

    • Bored_in_the_U$A

      My guess…. Going off of the “MB” as a reference to the wife…. Morena Baccarin? Who is engaged/ married to Ben McKenzie… from ‘The OC’ and is on ‘Gotham’ currently… They have a kid together (the need for a babysitter) and I would say he’s a D lister these days.

      • Lacy

        I really thought it was Spencer and Heidi . Just assumed the MB was mama bear 🤣

  2. Anon

    Here for the comments, I can’t figure this one out!

  3. LC

    My first thought from the wiki page was Spencer Pratt cause that seems like something he’d do. But he’s not really an actor

  4. I’m guessing

    Spencer 😆

  5. LittleOrphan

    Come on y’all, who’s MB?

    • Yunith

      Mischa Barton?

  6. Wowzerbowzer

    Spencer Pratt for sure

    • Nanny

      nanny here. “MB” means mom boss in nanny lingo. I wonder if that’s what she meant. I don’t think it’s the moms initials. “Db” is dad boss. It’s a way we Nannie’s talk to understand which parent we’re referring to

      • Ally

        Yup! Nanny here too! That’s what I assumed as well.

  7. LC


  8. Ocgal

    This could be any D list celebrity. Wish she left more specific clues

  9. JMC

    Everyone is saying Spencer, but who would MB be? Wife is Heidi and son is Gunner… I don’t think it’s him.

  10. Chino

    MB – maybe Morena Baccarin, husband the guy from The OC?

  11. WLS

    Somebody help with this one 😫

  12. D

    Mb? Mischa Barton? Michelle branch? Mel B? Fuck I have no idea lol

  13. Sara

    I read it and said, heck, I’m throwing out Spencer and Heidi because if it’s not them, it could be.

    Then I read the comments, looks like we are all in agreement! Lol!

    • A

      Definitely not Spencer. Heidi would never let some random babysit. She’s a really good mom. And her initials aren’t MB.

  14. Em

    Could MD be Mrs Delgado?!

  15. Hmm

    Spencer and Heidi don’t have dogs though do they?!

  16. allthenannystories

    okay we need more stories like this!!!!!

  17. ConfusedWhySpencerisAGuess

    Not sure why people are guessing Spencer. He is not an actor. 2 clues were given. Wife is MB & they have a blind dog. Neither relate to Spencer or Heidi.

  18. GG823

    “MB” means “mom boss” in nanny lingo.

    Could be Spedi!

    • Armchair

      Kristen Bell and Dax? If using MB as “mom boss” not a clue. He is D list. If you listen to his podcast, you know he would think so highly of himself and ask Alexa his wiki. They also had a senior dog that was blind or close to blind

      • Sea

        I’m thinking Dax and Kristen too…I think they have a blind dog

  19. Kayla

    Now are they high profile or are they D-List?? Because they can’t be both

  20. Here you go

    It’s Spencer and Heidi ….look at the subject of the email….also, they have dogs (always have) and finally they “acted” on the Hills, therefore considered actors


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