Tee it up!

Apr 13, 2022


  1. Jen

    Theres so many people it could be!

  2. Golf Gal

    Maybe Jason Day? I know he lived in Fort Worth in 2010

  3. Lost in Fort Worth

    Literally just keep coming back to this to find out who it is! More ppl need to comment!

  4. Live for golf tea

    Jordan Speith ?! It’s blurred out too good.

  5. JG

    I want to say Jordan Spieth because he is from Texas, but I don’t think he was married at the time (but has been with his now wife for a long long time)

  6. Not Jordan?!?!

    Hope it’s not Jordan! He seems like an upstanding guy. I’d hate for it to be him.

    • Sports agent’s friend

      Not too be too harsh, but you’re blind. I personally witnessed this guy cheat on his then girlfriend / now wife, constantly. I didn’t sign an NDA when I was around him, so I don’t care what I spill. I was doing his agent a favor by hooking him up at a club & he demanded me to find him “hot girls” to party with, demanded comped bottles etc etc. horrible dude. Never could root for him after that

  7. Rhonda

    Jordan. Well known in DFW circles, so much so it’s a joke.
    My dad repaired his clubs for years.


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