Oh Beverly Hills….

Apr 12, 2022


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Supposedly she ran like an international ring of hooking up foreign businessmen with their favorite Hollywood starlets.. and I say starlets because they were YOUNG

and then apparently that whole “””” coffee table book really served as a catalogue

It goes so deep to A++ listers, international bankers and business, to entire countries and their leaders !

Something about XXXXX and XXXXX

Some other woman said being in her presence was like being under a spell


  1. B

    Diana Sanela Jenkins

  2. Shady 30A

    👀 here for the comments.

  3. Stephina

    I mean there’s an older photo of her and Epstein so I’m not surprised.

    • Me

      It’s not her an Epstein. Check her stories. That’s a VS model.

  4. Veronicar

    Selena Diana Jenkins. Google the blinds about her. There are some really dark things out there.

    • Not Lisa Rinna

      What did you google???? Can’t find anything other than what’s already on this blog

  5. Facepalm

    Doesn’t bravo look into these people before they are casted???? Oh vey!!

    • Jana

      They don’t care… unfortunately there is sketchy ness in everything

  6. D

    The tea is piping hot today. Wow. Also wtf?! Guess she is our new villain?

  7. Sam

    Bravo already knew about this! They are part of the evil business men that took part!!

  8. Jess

    I’m so glad someone is finally talking about this!!!!

  9. Heather

    Does anyone believe she was cleaning hotel rooms… how did she meet her husband I didn’t know she of this and Even my husband was like she was an escort not a maid

  10. Bravo Fan

    How else can she wear all that Cartier! Not even Sutton or Kyle, who may be just as rich .


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