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Apr 11, 2022

From: Anon Anon

Subject: Problems

Spill It to
M.    and C.  from The Ultimatum…I have scoop on them. In the beginning where he acts so devoted and all that made me lmaoooo they were constantly breaking up bc he’d be out at the bars hooking up so when they showed that later I was like okay there he is lol

Also I mean we all party but she consistently gets black out. It’s how he gets away with everything. His whole act at the beginning … Alexis nailed it. Not a good dude at all. Not sure how they edited to make Alexis look crazy bc legit she was spot on. He wants to be famous so bad which I guess everyone on the show does but he’s so extra.

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  1. Beverly Maxwell

    I for sure got the creepy “nice guy” vibes from Colby…boy just wants to get his dick wet 24/7

  2. Ultimate

    Okay I was wondering only got to episode 2 so far but when Madlyn said how she knows Colby is so excited to live with a random girl for a few weeks I was so confused but reading this, it makes sense.

  3. Anon

    Got both of these vibes. Colby seems like a narcissist and Madelyn needs to chill on the alcohol. You can 100% tell when she’s sober vs wasted. Plus it seemed like she hated him from the start. It’s like she was waiting for this whole opportunity to happen as a reason to finally end things with him for good.

  4. Too into it

    Rumor has it they’re married and pregnant

  5. Akok

    Colby seems like such a narcissist. At first he seemed so nice but as the show went on it’s so clear he’s a classic narcissist.

  6. Big Kelse

    It always seemed to me
    That she was on drugs. So super sedate


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