Problem couple with baby on board!

Apr 11, 2022


  1. Nat

    Based on the post prior to this, bad move for Madelyn. Colby is a total F-boy.

  2. Kjo

    This is sad. He was a narcissist who gaslit her the entire show

  3. LT

    Hope she enjoys a life of being cheated on. Everyone likes to accuse athletes of being the worst cheaters, but trust me, it’s these “cowboy” types that are the ABSOLUTE worst.

  4. A

    If she announces at end of show she must have known she was but is still heavily drinking? Gross!

    • Lolo

      The show was filmed like a year before it aired

  5. Draw the blinds

    This is sad. I was hoping she would leave this toxic relationship.

    • AV

      They’re both toxic. Poor kid is going to be a pawn in their game.

  6. Mh

    I thought for sure she was going to leave him!! I am SHOCKED!!

  7. TX bride to be

    To be legally married in Texas you have to have a marriage license issued at least 72 hours in advance of the wedding (up to 90 days). So, the “marriage ceremony” on the show was likely symbolic and not legally binding. Perhaps the 1/29/22 date above is when they had their “real” legally binding wedding. And now the baby is due in May.

    Regardless, I hope it works out for them, especially now that a child is involved.


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