The Ultimatum!

Apr 10, 2022

The couple who got engaged on The Ultimatum…. They want reality TV fame. They only went on for the exposure the “engagement” was always up their sleeve. Her mother is pitching them hard to Dancing with the Stars. Trouble is, viewers didn’t care for her and less so for her “fiancé” . Allegedly.


  1. Kjo

    Alexis and Hunter. She made me so uncomfortable and he was dull. You’d think if the plan was to get famous, they would have extended their time on the show by going through the entire experience

  2. Steph

    Alexis obvi

  3. Obviously.. she was annoying

    Alexis and Hunter clearly.

  4. HBT

    Well I would guess they are out of luck since DWTS got canceled

    • Lori

      Did it really?? Shame, I enjoyed the pros.

  5. Jillian


  6. Amanda

    Alexis and Hunter. She is a puke!

  7. Lori

    I knew they were fake, at least she was. She flat out said she’d never marry him because she makes more money than him. Then he proposes and she can’t say yes fast enough. Then she had the nerve to claim the one guy said she wasnt attractive.. Lol. No honey, he turned you down because you basically told him you were a golddigger.

    • Vicki

      In my OPINION…she isn’t TV material. Sorry. Just being real as a viewer


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