Shocking VPR news!!!

Apr 7, 2022

These emails were submitted to Bravo & Cocktails this morning. We grabbed the video from YouTube this morning just in case. Watch it here and then read the emails ?


From: Heteronormative To

Subject: Vanderpump men always guarded

Spill It to
I mean it’s out there…. Sandoval doing the exact same thing that got others fired. Starting around 7:30. It was deleted from iTunes but it’s still on YouTube. Weird only the girls got fired for it.

From: Double Standards

Subject: Forgot to add!

Spill It to
This Tom interview was in January 2018. The Stassi podcast and Kristen tweets were in April 2018. Tom publicly spread these rumors first. Tom’s friend is the host of the podcast so it’ll get deleted quick. So save it first if you can!





  1. Sam

    Icky. But didn’t Stassi and Faith go as far as calling her into the police? If I recall correctly….either way, still problematic.

    • Sam

      Stassi and Kristen*

      • Bravo_Mom

        I also believe, could be wrong, but weren’t some derogatory remarks thrown out, too? I’m pretty sure what lead to S & K being let go was tweets that surfaced. Again, could be wrong but I feel like it was for racial remarks.

        • A

          That was for Brett and the other guy. Offensive, racist tweets.

          Stassi and Kristen got in trouble for calling the police and trying to get Faith arrested and then bragging about it on podcasts + Stassi’s previous offensive statements.

        • Dixcgirl

          You are right. They made remarks about Faith’s hair in particular….

    • KC

      Sure did on top of the MANY racist and anti me too comments she’s made. It wasn’t just one thing. Not that I’m excusing anything Tom may have said but this was no where near Stassi’s first or second f up. And Kristin just went too far! Not just a rumor spreader

  2. A

    This doesn’t feel at all equivalent to Stassi and Kristen did. Yes, it sounds bad- he shouldn’t be saying that Faith looked like who like someone who was in the news for robbing. Stassi and Kristen called the police to report her and BRAGGED about it on a podcast, gleefully. Let’s not forget Stassi has had several situations like this (Nazi chic, me too movement comments, etc.) what Tom said was bad but not at all equivalent to what Stassi and Kristen did.

    • Haygirlhaaay


      I thought the same thing while listening. What he said was def cringe and I don’t respect it. However, Stassi and Kristin were outwardly malicious in what they did which also matched their behavior on screen during that time. They were out for blood.

    • Confused

      What did tom say???

    • I_Love_Bravo

      I agree. Not the same as what Stassi & Kristen did. Then bragging about it on the podcast, made it worse.

  3. Amy

    I don’t feel like this is the same. he is referring to a video and story that was already out there about faith…stasis and kristen actually called the police to attest her

  4. Noname

    The timing of this seems really interesting…..

  5. AZ Bravo Fan

    Is the difference that Kristen and Stassi went as far as to call military police? So they were punished for that they DID not what they SAID? That’s they only difference I see in this.
    In any event, I don’t think canceling them was appropriate.

  6. Missy

    Did Jax send you this tea?

  7. Kay

    Is he trying to imply she was homeless and couch surfing therefore, it’s feasible she was also robbing people?

  8. Nana

    These people are trashy and talentless. They need to get jobs and move on. Boring to watch 30 somethings still acting like 22 yr olds.


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