You’re all asking…

Apr 3, 2022

Here’s the Reddit info!!

Celeb Wives of Nashville! A group of users branched off and created Nashville Unfiltered due to the celeb one being infiltrated by D*** and her posse. She has burner accounts on celeb, and there was a huge change overnight in the page about 7 months ago where it went from not liking D**** to loving her and hating N****’s baby mama! It is such good tea!



  1. Meh

    There are screenshots in the sub from when Paige was hacked, discussing said sub. She’s an actual psychopath.

    • WhoSaidWhat

      Is this about Paige from Summer House? I don’t understand this blind.

  2. WhatPaigedoIread?

    I don’t get the liking of this chick or her following? Why is she such a big deal? Can someone fill me in if I’m missing something here….?


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