It’s true about the charmer…

Apr 1, 2022

visual of screenshot of text messages

The scoop about *** is correct. Multiple police friends have responded to her house for domestic violence calls. Also, I heard from a mutual friend she just got out of rehab. Her new man is very religious and doesn’t approve of her drinking and pill problem.

Officers were called many times with ex-husband. She was always the aggressor. Smashed his phone and iPad so he couldn’t call the cops one incident. She was very intoxicated.

The rehab info came from a mutual friend who is also a hairstylist. Apparently, the new man is Mormon and doesn’t drink or approve of using substances. Lots of Xanax and uppers. Went to rehab at his request. This was before dress shopping in NYC.


  1. marie

    This seems fake. I’ve seen some stories with her new man drinking. Plus the domestic violence would have leaked big time with the Arod scandal 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just don’t think Madison could have gone this long without something like this coming out.

    • No way

      That’s what threw me off too. She’s always drinking in those vacation pics with him. And we are just hearing of this now?

    • Austen’s Still Hung Up

      Agree. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  2. April fools

    Not buying it

  3. Not Madison

    I feel like if these allegations were true we would have seen her LOSE IT like that when she was secretly being filmed catching Austen with two girls…that’s like prime time to start swingin’ 😬

    • jules

      he really deserved to be swung on tbh

  4. SouthernMama

    I live in Charleston and have heard this for years. It’s never brought up out of respect of her son. Also Google…you can find dispatch reports if you k ow where to look 😉

    • Bri

      Same here! This also tracks with her having a seizure (as revealed on winter house). Xanax withdrawals?


    Why would a Mormon date a slutty foul mouth with a drug problem in the first place? That makes no sense. Bravo sure like violent people.

  6. Diff Charmer

    Are we sure this isn’t Kathryn?

    • GiveThemLahscious

      It says ex-husband, Kathryn’s never been married.

  7. Austen

    I feel Craig would have brought this up at the last reunion. He had such disdain for her. Shep disliked her as well. Everyone on that show is trying to one up each other. Feels like they would have feed this to “radar” IDK seems like a good story line to keep herself on the show. Interesting


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