Shorely rude….

Mar 31, 2022

From: Anon Anon
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Beyond vile!

Spill It to Bravoand My sister was a badge checker at the jersey shore, she showed up and didn’t feel as if she should. have to pay for a badge due to who she is. My sister rightfully told her it made no difference so started screaming, throwing money at her, belittling her for doing her job. She even pushed her! Full blown temper tantrum over a beach badge and extreme audacity to treat another person poorly because…why? They don’t make your kind of money playing an a**hole on TV? They don’t share in your inflated sense of importance? They won’t and don’t have to cater to you? It’s unbelievable to me that anyone kisses this woman’s ass. She’s awful. Not a nice person!!

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  1. Name spot so small

    I feel like this is Ang unfortunately?

    Or completely different show – housewives?? Tre?

    • Jwack

      My guess is j wow. Had an encounter with her and she’s absolute trash. Inflated sense of self big time.

  2. JC

    Guessing Teresa, since she’s been known to be awful to people.

  3. Nana

    There are very few Jersey Beaches that don’t require a beach badge. People who are pissy about paying the $8-15 are lame. What the “housewives” don’t get is that they are not the wealthy people in NJ (the finance, actors, etc real money), they also aren’t the famous ones (way more famous around) – they are trashy. And acting like a shit to a 17yr old is trash.

    • RHOJS

      THIS! I live “at the shore” and the reality TV gang is at the very bottom of the totem poll.

      • Juniper Jones

        As a jersey shore lifer, the reality stars and their behavior is astonishing and downright disrespectful. One star came in his flash expensive sports car and actually at anyone who looked at it.

        • ShoreGirl

          This has to be Lauren sorrentino. She’s AWFUL and thinks she’s a real celebrity. She lives in a McMansion 25 min from the beach

  4. Clueless in NC

    I’m sorry in NC and have no idea what a shore pass is. I understand what this person did was vile but can someone help by explaining the pass thing? Do y’all have to pay to go on the beach or something??

    • Robin

      Most NJ beaches you have to pay to be on during peak season and peak hours.

    • JWoww

      Yes you get a badge that says you paid. You can get daily, weekly, or seasonal. Kids get jobs to walk the beach to make sure you have a badge and if not they will sell you one

  5. Alexandra Brooke

    Most people who have houses at the Jersey shore buy a seasonal beach tag that is good for the entire summer, so whoever this pertains to was likely a day tripper. And a jerk. Beach tag checkers are usually high school or college students and it is a tough job dealing with people who think rules don’t apply to them all summer long. Whatever they get paid, it is not enough!

  6. Az Lo

    This has to be Angelina. Anyone thinking Tre would go to a public beach unless production was there and clearly paid is delusional

    • L


  7. Kelly

    It was tre! She wrote it in her comments

  8. Cluelesswhothisis

    Y’all I was thinking it was Snooki or Angelina from Jersey Shore 🤣 didn’t even register RHONJ—I can’t imagine any of them going to a random “public” beach. But also, so crazy ppl pay to walk onto a public beach. I live in AL & our beaches are wide open. Even in front of the hotels, you can bring your chair and umbrella and make yourself at home. Maybe we should start charging tho. Haha.

  9. Meghab

    I was actually thinking Sami from Jersey Shore? She opened a boutique in our shore town but has known to be very nice and works in the store? We do need tags though…and it’s $20 for the season so I don’t know who would flip out about it!

  10. Titsmcgee

    It was Tre

  11. It's a bad time Bob

    Definitely crazy Teresa!

  12. Tre,time2go

    Teresa is the actual worst. Bravo, you created a monster…fix your awful mistake. 🪓👍


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