Mar 31, 2022

kim d posche DM

Text from image:

I was just served with a pre litigation letter from high powered celebrity attorney Doug Anton ordering me to produce facts, testimony and documents I have that concern Louis. The top of the letter says Louis ex fiancé is suing him for $10million dollars because he has been constantly wrongfully harassing her and filing frivolous claims agains her and won’t leave her alone and Anton had just destroyed him in court each time and now he is going after him for his ex fiancé that louis just won’t let go of.


  1. Hmm

    He’s knows what he’s doing marrying a dumb dumb that won’t sign a prenup to help w his bills 🤦‍♀️

    • Just say'n

      Holy canoli. I wonder if he does have a Jen Shah problem too

  2. Titty mcgee

    He has that kind money?

    • Titsmcgee

      Cool it with the name. There’s only one stirs McGee around here

  3. JC

    Holy run-on sentence!
    Is this a text that Kim D sent someone or is she just posting what someone sent her? I’m confused as to how she’s involved.

  4. Samantha

    Oh boy. As much as I dislike everything about this guy, I don’t believe a thing Kim D has to say. Homegirl is messy and everything she does is steeped in malice.

  5. Possible fake news?

    I don’t see this on her IG. Did she delete it? it looks like this post is on her IG but the three dots on the top right make it seem like it’s a reel… but doesn’t the reel show the like button on the sides and not the bottom?

  6. AV

    We should all file a suit against Kim D because she won’t leave US alone. Go away! 😂

  7. Ocgal

    I hope this doesn’t pop Teresa’s love bubble.


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