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Mar 31, 2022

From: Em Knows
Email: [email protected]

Subject: She knows…

Spill It to Bravoand F’ KNOWS SOMETHING!!! The way she was listening to no talk about her like she was actually understanding and following a long, it’s because she knows there’s truth to what is saying. I mean when noelle mentions her she follows her? why??? she does know what happened and is either scared of heather or wants to be friends with her because it’s a better alliance. N” could well be one and done whereas He is a big deal to Bravo and soy isn’t stupid. She doesn’t want to be on her bad side!

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  1. Cannibisqueen

    Kelly Dodd also has talked about this on her recap about that dinner that night and she said that she heard I believe she said Emily said that this happened and Kelly Dodd said this weeks ago. It will all come out eventually

    • Jibbrish

      This is unintelligible

      • Umbrella

        Which means Noella probably sent this in.

  2. S

    Noella, that you?

    The party in question, and the footage they even highlighted of it in last night’s episode shows, that while upset, Heather was very much in control of herself. Her covering the camera, her voice, tone, volume… none of it was aggressive. And her mic was on. If they had audio of an interaction that resulted in her shoving someone, I think they’d use it.

    Do some people really not believe that the woman who tried to use her dad’s death to get a better room in Aspen, has the most cultivated IG account, knowingly lobbied to get on the show, would completely fabricate a story with the cast member brought back to “safe” the series to secure some drama and hopefully a second season…?

    • PhoenixEmily

      THIS IS SPOT ON!!!! 🙌🏼👊🏼

    • Crys B

      I would think if Heather actually did what noella is saying, they would have intervened and ended the night. I doubt that production would have let this go on, especially for hours. Shannon was there, she would have spoke up about it also.

    • Heather would never

      I’m with you

    • Ashley

      THANK YOU!! The amount of Noella fans is truly mind-boggling. Shes so desperate.

    • Heather, That You?

      Sounds like a very ‘fancy’ theory if you ask me. I 100% disagree that Heather seemed in control of herself. She was spitting rage between those clenched teeth. Also, her and Terry’s acting when they came back to talk to Nicole was SO BAD. clearly they were shaken, thus the immediate DEMAND to stop filming.

    • Hey Heather!

      “S”’s reply on this post SCREAMS Heather Dubrow! Heather, is that you sis!?

      Heather is known to be a class A witch to people in real life. Especially if she doesn’t get her way. I wouldn’t be surprised if she crossed a line with production in some way. I’d assume they wouldn’t want to get into a lawsuit over it with her because, well, she’s insufferable Heather.

      Heather girl! You need to point the nose down a bit and get in touch with reality. It’s okay to not be “perfect”.

      P.S. I’m not a fan of Noella- however- I agree with Emily 100% reacting like she knew something. She’s a lawyer to some degree and therefore knows better than to say anything openly, especially on camera.

  3. Julia

    C’mon! Is this Noella? Girl we know you are thirsty. Please stop acting all innocent and submitting your own “tea”

  4. Emily knows something

    I 157% think Emily knows something too. She was acting sooooo suspect. She literally looked like a kid caught w their hand in the cookie jar. And i think she left because she just wanted to copy Heather. Like heather really was pissed bc noella was lying, but emily just wanted to copy that behavior to make it seem like she is also vehemently innocent, but shes not. She is a bad liar lmfao

  5. Are you sure?

    I don’t believe this for a second. Noella contradicted herself a few times in her tirade against Heather, why would anyone believe her at this point?

  6. Milla

    I hope to God Bravo is holding on to some amazing footage from that dinner party, that we will all get to see at the reunion. Heather will be mortified and pissed, while Andy and the rest of us will b sipping the juice, popping the popcorn, watching the gloriousness. God willing!

  7. Christina

    If this was true we would 100% know about it. Flash back to NeNe & the closet episode. Producers didn’t protect her -it was flat out known she ripped his shirt, knocked out his took I believe (or cracked it). If Heather did that we would know. Noella is just thirsty to stay casted. She wanted to make a “big splash” being a new housewife. All she has done is made herself look like a lying, fame obsessed narcissist.

    • Ocgal

      This franchise is such a snore fest. I keep watching in hopes that it will improve. Noella is just fake AF and Heather is a constant self promoting billboard.

  8. Bye noella

    The fact that Kelly Dodd is chiming in and agreeing with Noella tells me all I need to know 😂 I’m not sure how anyone would trust anything these two say – they’re known liars and will do literally anything for attention.

  9. Noella is bad news

    SO, we all now believe Noella? The one that lied about her dad’s death? Did we not already decide her dad died WELL before Covid, yet it was (only other) storyline this season?

    • Not A Noella Fan

      I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not crazy about Noella. That being said Novella’s dad did in fact die when she said. B&C shared a post from myfamilygene saying that the person from 2012 is a different guy.

  10. Boring Ville

    Noella changed her story from she saw it first hand to someone at the party told her.. maybe that’s what Emily knows. Maybe that same someone told Emily that it happened also and that’s why Emily said in her confessional “I don’t speak on things I don’t see with my own eyes”. So maybe Emily knows it’s not true but she knows what someone said to her and Noella at the party but won’t speak on that because she knows it’s a lie.

  11. Ramona

    These comments are gold . I think novella is just like her mother . Apple doesn’t far from the tree . I get the vibe that Emily did txt kelly but was purely gossip and she didn’t see shit bc shit didn’t happen . Emily is scared to admit she may have txt a person or two ? Bc Queen bee heather will be mad at her . On another note it was good to see Shannon be herself and not put on a show .

  12. Lily Jus

    Heather is such a bully. I believe Noella. Why would she use the fact that the jet could come get her if she wasn’t guilty? Why did Emily run after her if she wasn’t guilty? I think production is in Noella’s ear telling her to keep bringing it up — however Heather brought it up this time, Noella just responded

  13. Shrimps

    It was Heather’s event so I thought it was weird no one was asking Noella who told her that, unless it just didn’t make it on camera, but it seems like a relevant question.


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