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Mar 28, 2022

text message conversation

Can confirm (anon) that was real
Can you give details? Thanks so much
Replied to your story
Wait what?!!!!!!!!!
Unprofessional! And I read (who knows if true) Will set through t joke at rehearsal on Saturday with no
Definitely not true he didn’t come to rehearsal
Totally unplanned production was not happy about it – the night is supposed to be a celebration. They wanted nothing to do with the drama. He was upset because of the alopecia joke as most people now know. But he wasn’t at rehearsals and didn’t hear the joke prior

text message conversation about the oscar slap

I can tell you with 100 percent certainty this was NOT fake. my friend **** (block name) works in celeb PR and was back stage the whole show. After he hit him all hell broke lose backstage. There was an emergency meeting to remove him from the show and have someone accept his award, the had extra security for will in case he got violent again if someone said something to set him off. This was not remotely staged. Why in the hell would it be when you think about it? It was violence. Violence is never a “bit” – especially the Academy.

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  1. HBT

    I’m confused. Was it rehearsed but without Will there or was it unplanned and production went into a tailspin?

    • Bethenny

      There have been rumours that Will heard the joke at rehearsals earlier and didn’t react. That he knew the joke from before, hence it was fake. But since these comments say it’s not and that the jokes were not known by Will before, then it was a genuine reaction.

  2. Katie

    Anon – But he laughed right after the joke. I think he looked over at Jada and saw how pissed she was, and only reacted then. So not a genuine defense of his wife, in my opinion.

    • Michelle

      So Will talked later in the night how celebs are supposed to just smile and laugh off all the foul things people say about them. When he saw his wife’s reaction he dropped the act and reacted in a real way. He tried to keep it classy at first but had no choice to stand up for his wife when he saw she was hurt and offended.

      • Cancel theMF

        Will had a choice. He chose the wrong choice. If they were freaking out behi d stage and had an emergency meeting then the decision was made not to remove him.

      • Come on

        You have a choice to not violently attack someone

      • Nana

        Slapping someone isn’t standing up for anyone. It’s gross.
        If anyone “defended” my “honor” like that I’d divorce them

    • Hannah

      Totally agree. If he was THAT upset over the joke why did he laugh about it first?

  3. B

    But…did the Oscars ppl know/hear the joke in rehearsal? Did other actors hear it and not tell him not to do it? If everyone is so offended by the joke, why wasn’t he edited from saying it?

  4. This was ridiculous

    So why didn’t they remove him? Appalling.

  5. Kim Lo

    I got called nasty things most shifts for years in nursing, and I have never laid a hand on a patient. That’s some bullshit excuse right there. He didn’t HAVE to do anything with his hands, he chose to peacock bc maybe things aren’t 100% at home. My opinion, but men and women confident in their relationship don’t feel a push to behave like this.

  6. AZ Lo

    I don’t understand peoples’ reactions to how Will acted. Not condoning violence but when so
    Some has the never to get in stage and make a nasty joke about some she can not control, after they have been through so much ridicule for the past few years, is absolutely mind blowing to me. He smacked him. He couldn’t have laid his butt out and done worse. Just saying. He let him know. “Keep my wife’s name outcha mouth!”

    • Nana

      You don’t hit people ….. not in pu pic, not in private.

    • FlyGirl

      All he did was reinforce the angry black man trope.

  7. Drizzu

    He laughed at first but saw how Jada didn’t find it amusing and that it hurt her feelings. That, and all of the BS that has been building up in him from the “entanglement” to everyone saying they have/had an open marriage he just snapped. Unfortunately he took all that out on Chris Rock.


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