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Mar 28, 2022

From: Love is Blind couple
Email: [email protected]

Subject: It was really bad…

Spill It to A friend of mine knows Natalie well – the fight they got in the night before the wedding allegedly was him being coked out and choking her against a wall. Scary stuff.

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  1. Nancy

    My God. I told my husband it must have been something so beyond the pale because she was so set on marrying him. If that’s accurate, so glad she got out.

    • Bravo_as_hel

      I thought the same thing. You could tell how impacted she was at the reunion. I 100% thought it was domestic violence.

  2. Amy

    Ah that makes sense! She said on the reunion show that they tried to get back together but she couldn’t get over what he “said” that night. Guy needs help!

  3. Ak87

    This tracks! My friends and I all said he seems like he could snap at any minute

  4. Karen

    It has to be something that serious. The way she acted was more than just because he said some mean words.

  5. diamondgirl

    As soon as they showed him the wedding morning, my FIRST thought was “holy coked up”!! There was no hiding that, his facial expression’s and neck twitches…spot on

    • Monica

      I thought the same thing! I thought he was going to unzip his skin and as show himself as an alien from Men and Black with this facial expressions and twitches. I’ve been to enough Phish shows to know what coked out looks like. 😆

  6. Katelynn

    I bet this is 100-% accurate. He was coked out FOR SURE

  7. Kim lo

    I called it as being something traumatic, bc you can fully see it in her eyes when she’s talking around what happened. I thought maybe he spewed some vitriol. How awful for her. He needs to own this shit.

  8. AZ Lo

    Drugs are bad mmmkay!!! Joke aside. She deserves ether and I hope Kyle isn’t using her. She deserves a real man.


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