The real story of a brand loved by reality stars

Mar 25, 2022

Fashion is such a big part of so many of our favorite reality tv shows. From iconic interview looks to reunions where the entire cast made questionable fashion choices (let’s not name any names 😉), we can’t get enough of the fashion. Talking about it, sharing it on social, buying it.

various models wearing caftans with the Tinsley Allison Designs logo written in cursive

Enter Tinsley Allison Designs, a brand you’ve seen worn by your favorite reality tv stars on Summer House, Real Housewives of Dallas, The Hills and even ABC’s Shark Tank. The brand started out in 2019 after the founders received a collection of designer clothing bequeathed from their Great Aunt.

The clothing was too small to wear, but that’s where inspiration kicked in. Instead of leaving the beautiful pieces in a dark storage container, the founders decided to find a new life for these pieces, making jewelry from the couture buttons. Hello, sustainable fashion. People started to ask where they could purchase the jewelry, and the business of Tinsley Allison Designs was officially born.

What started as a fun creative outlet has become a fashion brand with headbands, clothing, caftans and even homegoods. All Tinsley Allison’s items are handmade, and as the brand has expanded, they make it a point to work with other woman-owned small businesses, especially single moms.

Check out their new line of caftans and all of Tinsley Allison’s other beautiful, handmade, sustainable fashion for you and for your home. They’re giving Cocktailers an exclusive discount of 10% off when you use the code, BRAVO. We love their unique items, and clearly, so do some of your favorite reality stars.

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Yes, this content is sponsored, but Bravo & Cocktails only sponsors content from brands we love, wear, use, and buy. 


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