Summer House behind the scenes…

Mar 23, 2022



  1. Paige

    This is how every reality television show works 🤷🏼‍♀️ You have to take every thing you see with a grain of salt

  2. Craig

    This is what Spencer Pratt was talking about on his tik tok ‘The Spills’

  3. Bravobravofbravo

    Isn’t this obvious to everyone??

    • Lol

      It’s so obvious! For years it’s seemed like this was being done. You can hear the quality of the audio sounds different in the middle of a conversation.

  4. Jillyb79

    I noticed this from the beginning! It was really bad two seasons ago when they were in quarantine. Entire scenes where you wouldn’t see anyones face actually talking but would hear an entire “conversation”.

  5. Jessica

    I definitely believe it but thats also how real housewives work too. Bravo lately though has been so sloppy with the editing that you’re noticing the edits.

    • Annoyed

      Agreed! They even try to put sound clips over peoples mouth and doesn’t match up at all. I’m like they are not saying that!?!? It’s beyond annoying. I remember watching craigs lives on YouTube watching winterhouse. He was getting so upset at the fact that they changed the order and edit of how things happened. He was like, “it didn’t even happen that way!” Also sometimes you will see people wearing different outfits in same scene. This one episode where carl was talking to mya she had all this glitter stuff on her arm and I was wondering what that was? Then next episode they had some party and everyone had glitter and I was like okay. ..thats a totally different day and episode. Continuity is horrible.

      • Anon

        It’s gone way downhill! I watched the plates in the scene with Emily and Shane in rhoc be full of food, suddenly empty, then gone, full half eaten, empty and then full again. At least hide the plates guys

    • K

      I had to explain this to a friend while watching Too Hot to Handle – he was driven crazy by champagne glasses moving around in a scene, being full, empty, not even served yet. I had to explain that all of the shows cut and piece together conversations, but some shows don’t have producers who know the continuity tricks.

  6. Jo

    Yea newsflash this is how the shows always are lol pay attention when they’re out to dinner or drinks and watch their glasses/food. It’s blatantly obvious the scenes get pieced together to tell the best narrative.


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