You get a scroll, you get a scroll…

Mar 16, 2022

From a DM: This is the co-founder of the narc in NJ’s company. He also went to warrior and gave his wife a scroll in august 2020. Yes. I have his mugshot. I’m searching for it now.

by the way this picture of the scroll was taken at the NJ narc’s house!

black background with the word allegedly written in cursive

allegedly from


  1. Kat

    Omg so funny ?

  2. Mikko

    I don’t really understand the language here. However clearly it’s Louis related.

    • Steph

      Sounds to me like Louie’s partner (who has a mugshot for some reason lol) gave his wife a scroll in august 2020. Partner also went to warrior camp. So I take it to mean this is a ploy or tactic these sick men use

      • Mikko

        Ah, ok. Thanks for the translation.

  3. Stupid

    Jesus. How many adjectives are needed to describe one person?


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