Which East Coast housewife is this about….

Mar 7, 2022

she actually is a straight up mess. Or was. I do believe she’s sober now BUT when she wasn’t she was doing massive amounts of blow and was at a hotel with a couple friends in la and ran into two of my gay guy friends she did not know. She was begging them for and then forced herself on my very gay friend. She told him she loved having sex with gay men. Hand to god on my family this legit happened. She is tall and wouldn’t give up and pushed him into a bathroom and was trying to remove his clothing. My other friend Had to pull her off. I will never forget when and where I was when they were telling me, when I worked at the hotel eating dinner at that’s how jarring the story was. I remember where I was and this was 6 years ago! Also in regards to the not paying – not surprised. She was sloppy when they were kicking her out so she started taking their alcohol and they wanted to get rid of her so bad They just let her take about 500 in alcohol to leave their room. Head blown every time I think about it.

He actually had pictures of her with the alcohol no shoes on makeup like all over her face and running out of the room. Madness. 

black background with the word allegedly written in cursive

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Countless1979

    Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes

    • Lana

      It definitely Lu. Dorinda is also an alcoholic & coke addict.

      • Gossip girl

        How do you know this ? Tell me more.. It crazy to me picturing these old lady’s doing line of coke.. But I have heard crazier! lol

    • Laura

      This comment made my day 😂😂😂

      • Is it Possible RHONY

        First person to come to mind is Lu, but she is not sober at the moment.. Next my beloved Sonja she hangs out. with josh flag in L.A she loves to drink , and party’s w the Gay community.. Leah can be a mess when drunk and bipolar and we don’t know her like that yet..

  2. karlz

    i have like 5 that come to mind with certain things said but i cant wait to know lmao

  3. Jovani

    Obviously LuAnn. Horrifying. I hope she is fired.

    • D


  4. Money can buy you ❄️

    I mean this has to be Luanne right

  5. Leave me alone

    Lu??? Is that you???

  6. Mama Bravo

    Has to be Luann. She was just caught not paying her bill not long ago! Sad.

  7. nanook

    she still IS NOT SOBER


    Lu – but she’s in no way sober right now.

  9. Mich

    It’s Luanne for sure. Agree with the other post above that she was reported not paying her bill at a restaurant and this little detail points to her.

  10. Bravo obsessed

    Kelly Bensimon possibly?


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