They’re NOT friends…

Mar 3, 2022

His ex wife has always kept it classy. She never went and shared her dirty laundry on social media. But she is NOT friends with the woman who had an affair with her then husband. She hasn’t formed an alliance with her now that her ex has left the sugar baby. They have children who are half siblings and for their sake she’ll keep it classy. But trust, they aren’t buddies. Allegedly.


  1. B

    Ambyr Childers

  2. A

    Lala ?

  3. KC

    Lala and bRands Ex

  4. too much time on my hands

    I had a feeling about this. – When Lala reposted the picture of Ambyr at the super bowl party to her story, bravo accounts assumed they were friends. I think Lala posted that because that article of her and Rand being cordial at a super bowl party had just hit the press. I think she posted that to let people know it was actually Ambyr who was cordial with Randall not her.

    Ambyr and Randall seem to be on good terms despite the legal issues about child support, they get together for kids birthday parties, and she recently liked rands picture of him and Ocean on his instagram. I bet Ambyr is secretly so happy what happened to her also happened to Lala

  5. Trashy Trashy Trashy

    Lala is trash. Close your legs to married men!

    • LAX

      Yes Nd know.. cuz he was two yeats into a divorce with amber when they hooked up. Itns not like normal 90 day divorces.. but she should habe known. He cheated on amyber with 4 or 5 girls.. and was still dating them when he met lala


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