Maybe he swings both ways?

Feb 22, 2022

This off again on again boyfriend is well known in the gay scene. His “girlfriend” is the ex wife of a famous drummer , who is having a whirlwind romance and is engaged to a big celeb. The relationship seems strange. Mostly for media attention, especially his social media activity while she was recently a contestant on a reality show. The only thing about either of them that makes headlines is when they follow and unfollow each other. We think she’s in on it for the buzz but maybe she thinks he’s bisexual? Allegedly.


  1. Sav182

    I’m guessing Shanna

  2. All the small things

    Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau

  3. LoveBug

    Lmao Shana and that Matthew dude. So annoying those two. Who cares?

  4. Shanna is cray

    No one cares Shanna. ?

  5. Meet the New and Better Barkers 2.0

    This is not interesting at all.

  6. JJ

    It’s Whirlwind, not ‘World Wind’, funny though!


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