Wing women…

Feb 19, 2022

Word on the street is the ex wife of this “producer” is recently single too. She and her ex husband’s sugar baby, the one he left her for”, are now hanging together. Is it purely to piss him off? Are they each other’s wing woman? Are they teaming up to secure some money before he goes belly up? We shall see. Allegedly.


  1. Sarah

    Lala & Ambyr

    • Veronica

      Pretty sure it’s so the girls can continue having a relationship with each other

  2. Kristen

    Lala and Ambyr?

  3. JJ

    LaLa and Ambyr for sure and I’m kinda here for it

  4. Kay

    Ambyr and Rand noticed this the other day when she posted a picture in his house! Idk why Lala complimenting her bc it doesn’t seem they will be bffs anytime soon.

  5. Melissa

    Why can’t we just let women support other women? Obviously they mended fences, let them be friends and root for each other without making it having to be about something.

  6. What

    Love it! Hope they take him to the bank