Real Housewives reboot?

Feb 6, 2022

This is an email I received. With emails the validity is unknown. Sometimes they seem worth sharing, this one did.
Subject: Oh Say Can You See
Spill It to
This east coast show got the boot after its first season due to an uninvited guest but now it’s getting a ReBoot!! Just know that Peacock is not losing any hype anytime soon. We should be getting this reboot right before the 2024 election! (Don’t post attachments – still negotiating who’s in and who’s not)


  1. Uncle Sam

    DC Housewives?

  2. Michelle Obama

    Lowkey want this. Grew up right outside of DC and was hyped when that one season happened. Most of them didn’t live in the city though.

    • W2

      I grew up in Fairfax & want to see this too! But then they have to take the GO GO away from RHOP.

  3. Jennifer

    No way am I tuning in to see Meghan McCain as a housewife

  4. Voldemort

    Isn’t Potomac the DC reboot? I thought DC was officially shut down by the feds? Maybe they had a 10-15 year forced production shut down? Also, it had 2 seasons.

    • Anon

      DC did not have 2 seasons.

    • SR

      While Potomac might be the DC reboot none of those ladies actually live in Potomac. Potomac itself is an hour outside of DC and most of them live even further out than that. I lived in DC for a long time and while Potomac is a good show it is not a good representation of DC proper.

  5. Surry County Queen

    I cannot imagine for a second any legit professionals in DC actually doing this. Let the Potomac ladies continue to rule the DMV!

    • Lee

      I agree! Potomac would be hard to top and compete with, it’s only a few mins outside of DC anyway! This is not needed I’d rather them start a new franchise like Nashville, Chicago, Vegas or Boston

      • J.

        Would love to see a Vegas franchise!

      • Lon

        There is a Vegas housewives… the Hotwives of Vegas. It’s a spoof of housewives (there is also an Orlando season) and it’s HILARIOUS

  6. Ally

    No one wants this.


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