Unraveling in NJ…

Jan 30, 2022

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  1. Leah S

    Well he’s just an idiot if he thinks he’s going to be associated with the most infamous RH and go on the show with her and NOT have his dirty laundry aired out! Not that I ever believed he was an intelligent person…I don’t think that is Teresa’s type. 😂

  2. Sprinkle Cookie

    Ugh, makes me worried for Tre! This guy seriously sounds like bad news.

  3. HBT

    Poor Teresa. Her picker is just way off. She should have stuck with the pool guy.

  4. voice of reason

    Here’s the thing….this account continues to make these claims without any receipts….its evident from Tre’s instagram that she’s beyond happy, traveling the world and having the time of her life with her fiance. its starting to seem like some people wish she wasn’t happy…and will post anything negative about her regardless of its truth-fullness. I vote turn the page on the subject or show us some actual proof

    • Carla

      Yeah because we know everything we see them posting on social media is true. 🤣

      • sure

        This account does not like Teresa. They are dying for this relationship to go the tubes. They have never posted any proof that she and Louie aren’t happy. A video to someone he used to go out with and letters to her??? How does that prove anything? Teresa says she’s happy and looks happy, her family says she’s happy. Move on

        • Hereforthecomments

          Hi Gia 🤣

          • Nunya

            I don’t feel like Gia would use a phrase like “go to the tubes” lol

        • A

          Teresa is also naive and pink clouds everything!
          Also why are you on this if you don’t like this account!
          Kick rocks.

    • Winner

      This account posted the video and his crazy love bombing letters all verified to be Louie… how much more proof do you need?

      • Come ON

        Where is any proof that they do not have a happy/healthy relationship? Those things were from before he was with her and with someone else so…….and yeah she looks fuckin AF happy on her IG, let he live and move on

    • C.Cruz

      Here’s the thing… People like Tre and other IG accounts (well pretty much all) only post the good and happy life. I mean c’mon.

    • Sure Jan

      Because Instagram totally depicts peoples real lives 🥴

      And honestly, the tea is alllegedly—receipts not required.

      • Boring

        When this account repeatedly makes claims that they have no proof for? Yeah get some receipts or we’re not buying it. Also we know this account comments on its own posts and pretends to be followers lol

    • Nosilla

      Because social media isn’t highly curated and shows *everything. You realize that everything posted is very intentional, right?

  5. longislandchick

    When Joey Gorga was drunk on stage and Melissa had to drag him off stage and make excuses for him..this account was Silent about it … all the other Bravo accounts posted about it but not this one….makes you wonder why

    • Agame

      UGH, fully formed people actually like Melissa & 5’3” , even though they’re grifters& losers? Say it ain’t so!

    • I like to sip tea

      Wait Joe Gorga being drunk on stage is tea?! Lmao no now Louie’s mess… that’s tea

      • HMMMMM

        Why did every other Bravo account post about Melissa having to take Joey off stage but this one…this account that also conveniently always come for Teresa? Also what Louis mess? Name one thing he has ever done to Teresa…I’ll wait


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