Jan 24, 2022

This toxic ex husband of a former West Coast housewife is planting stories about his ex wife. The motive? His new girl can watch the kids if he gets custody and he saves money on child support. Allegedly.


  1. Suzy

    Fuckhead Jim Edmonds?

    • Gretch

      This is who I’m thinking too. He’s scum.

  2. Bravo

    Meghan King Edmonds

  3. Anon

    Shannon Beador?

  4. Mary

    I don’t believe this. What stories is he planting? They have 50/50 custody so doesn’t that mean he pays her no child support?

    • Lo

      I’m sure Jim pays child and spousal support to her. That happens regardless of custody.

      • margaret

        if she remarried does spousal support end?

    • JA

      That’s not how child support works. The primary parent still gets support of the other makes more money.

    • True story

      They are talking about the story of her leaving the child in the car while she ate at the restaurant. Jim didn’t plant this story bc it’s a true story that Meghan admitted to! She said Hart was acting up in the restaurant so she had to put him in the car. So this “tea”
      Is not true.

      • Amanda

        She left her child in the car by himself while she ate in a restaurant?!

      • Mary

        When did this incident at the restaurant happen?? Where can I find it now?

        • Amy

          It’s all on bravo_boo with pictures of her putting him in the car and her admitting to it.

    • Ohnomegan

      She’s doing enough damage to herself

  5. Olivia

    I mean maybe he’s just malicious or thinks it’ll work for him … he’s a bad dude if it’s him

  6. Amanda

    I speak on this from personal experience..

    I love how men think they can get off of child support if they push the “unfit mother” narrative without any actual proof that A) the mother of actually unfit and/or B) that she’s actually a harm to herself/children. Also, if she’s actively going to therapy and/or seeing a psychiatrist w/ proof of doctors notes and he tries to use that against her, it’ll work against him and the judge will favor the mother even more. It’s a form of abuse and judges are extremely sensitive to that.

    Planting stories in the press is hearsay aka not admissible in court. He can go fuck himself, respectfully.

  7. Paris

    Sean and Bronwyn

  8. Amy

    She openly admitted it on Bravo Boo insta.


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