Scary off the island too!



  1. Ashleigb

    She seemed legit bat shit crazy.
    Acted like a 14 year old too

    • Anon

      She gets away with it because of the way she looks. That will fade. She is cray cray.

  2. Andy Whorehol

    Why doesn’t this surprise me? She always seemed fairly unhinged back when she was still on the show and her social media certainly isn’t helping her image either.

  3. Rose17

    We all knew she was crazy years ago. GO TO SLEEP!!!

  4. J

    She dated my ex 😳

    • JellyBeans

      Is there more to dish out because I’d love to hear it

  5. VPR Dumpster

    Not surprised one bit haha

  6. Jeanine Curtis

    Not at all surprising. Never liked her, so I find that very easy to believe.

  7. Scary island

    Go to sleep go to sleep LOL

  8. Tessa Jaco

    I believe it💯

  9. Rosie Posie

    They tried to search Martha’s Vineyard for Kelly’s missing jewelry back in 2015. Whoever the thieves were, high-tailed it out ASAP on a same day ferry since my local news reported the Ferry companies were checking all bags & luggage for a few days.

  10. Michelle

    I bumped into her in Vail years ago – after she’d been fired from RHONY – and she was on the phone repeatedly saying that the paparazzi were everywhere and that she’d been spotted. There were zero cameras on her and no one around even knew who she was.

  11. Nycgirlly

    Ok gotta step in here .. I spent quite a bit of time with her and had the exact opposite experience. She was super cool very appreciative- even engaged later on her IG … honestly saw her be kind to everyone


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