Bachelorette Fans….

Jan 13, 2022

Joe coleman from the Bachelorette has been outed as a rapist at the college he went to (source: Reddit) All comments on post confirm. Allegedly.


  1. jACKIE


  2. AP

    I read this last night. I’m shocked. He seemed like such a good guy and, bam, he’s not.

  3. HAS

    I know someone who was falsely accused of sa, and was cleared of all wrong doing. I’d be leery of posting this, especially since the girl who says it happened to her is still hanging out where he parties!???? Not funny part about the person I know, the lying chick was from MSP! 🥵🥵

  4. NYCRN

    Don’t think this is true AT ALL. I have mutual friends who Joe who went to college with him and say he is a great guy. Sounds like false accusations

  5. DB

    It’s really disturbing to see the majority of comments on this disputing claims of SA. Perception is reality, this is the reason so many people don’t come forward for fear they’ll be called a liar. If you don’t think it’s true you need to keep that to yourself. Imagine if you have been assaulted and the first thing said is “I don’t think that’s true”?

    • Amanda

      Thank you.

      As a victim of sexual assault, it took me three years to come to terms with the fact that what happened to me wasn’t my fault. For three years I had people, like those below, BLAMING and NOT BELIEVING me for what occurred. It took me three years to finally cry about it because I was convinced I brought this upon myself. The unbelievable amount of trauma that brings to a person is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, even those who chose not to believe me.

      When you have more than one person coming forward with a similar story and there’s only one common denominator – 9/10 times, it’s the truth. Where there’s smoke, there’s definitely fire.

      Unfortunately, it takes a harsh reality to smack someone in the face for compassion to take form.

  6. bachfan

    Anyone have the link to the reddit? Or has it been taken down? Can’t find it.

  7. Minnesota native

    As someone from Minnesota, the U of M Basketball team was heavily known for sexual assaults 2010-2015. I know nothing about him (besides him always being a big name in minnesota basketball) but this on par for the program.

  8. Q

    Why publish this non first hand account of SA and trash someone’s name? I think it would’ve been fine if this was a person’s actual experience rather than hearsay.


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