His body is a wonderland….

Jan 1, 2022

She definitely hit on John Mayer. Her marriage /always seemed awkward. Like truly awkward. She rushed every night to make sure dinner was on the table for him after work. If it wasn’t he would get mad. Wouldn’t yell, or be in anyway violent – just quiet and angry. I have always liked him, but I do know when She would get drunk and she’d sneak a cigarette in their backyard before he came home she would say thinks sort of half laughing like “fuck E” … she also constantly told every single human she came across how she gave him a glow up and made him cut his hair when they met and she secretly dated him for two months because he embarrassed her. I believe she even says that on the show. Again anon. 


  1. Neeley

    Jessica Simpson

  2. Kate

    Teddi for sure.

  3. Housewifeaholic

    Can we just erase Teddi (& Brawnwyn for that matter) from the collective Bravosphere memory? Cause OVER them and their parched egos.

    For context: Teddi brought this up on a podcast, 4 years after Mayer said she hit on him at Andy’s baby shower. She just needs anything controversial to stay relevant. Nneexxxttttt please.

    • Guest

      Braunwyn is still calling the paparazzi and TMZ to take her picture. Saw some the the other day. She’s so thirsty and desperate. It’s not like she’s an A-list star who has paparazzi stalking her outside of her house or hotel. If she’s getting papped she’s calling them.

  4. A gossip

    Teddi the gnat. ?

  5. Shmeegs

    how embarrassing for John mellancamp’s daughter

  6. Liss

    Whoever said Jessica Simpson clearly doesn’t remember how embarrassed she was when he said she was "sexual napalm." It isn’t her. It’s definitely boring, attention starved Teddi.

  7. E

    Jessie James Decker

  8. Mamita

    If it’s Teddy that might make sense.. As a hispanic woman I know a lot of hispanic men do like food on the table a little more old fashioned , especially if they are the bread winners.. Which at one point she claimed that Edwin didn’t take her career seriously until it started to blow up..


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