Allegedly. From a reader DM:

Former HW daughter, her husband and the kids all got COVID. They’re all anti-vaxxers, as you know. Daughter is pregnant and had complications as result of having COVID (she also has a pre existing condition that renders her immunocompromised)! Of course they, especially her husband, use their platform to spill conspiracy theories about the vaccine all the time and now all of a sudden it’s “my health is private”. There were rumors she was going to loser her job at the hospital because they were forcing medical professionals to get it and she was refusing. They have a terrible marriage. Part of moving this last time was because she wanted to be around family in case she needed to get out, I’ve heard. You saw the way he reacted towards another former OC HW mom, but if you’ve watched any of his Insta Lives you know that’s just the beginning. Dude has RAGE issues.

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