Oh Noella…..

Dec 22, 2021


  1. Talia

    So? Who cares when she changed her last name??

  2. Ana

    Talia…did you see the legal documents? Just showing more proof of how thirsty and shady she is

  3. Emma

    Technically you have to go to court if you want to make your maiden name your middle name. A marriage certificate only allows you to change your last name not any middle names. There are ways to skirt the system that are more or less successful depending on what state you live in but it is very common to have to go to court if that’s what you want to do.

    • BLD

      I never went to court & I changed my middle name to my maiden name & added new married last name. I just had paperwork to fill out & send in.

      • Mpr

        Same. Never went to court for this. Filled out the paperwork and it was done.

    • Ashleigh

      I live in Virginia and made my maiden name my middle name when I was taking my husbands last name. No court involved, just the basic paperwork and process involved with changing my last name.

  4. M

    This is not uncommon. Maybe she changed it when she had a child? I know of a few women who have gone this route.

    • KM

      I waited to change my last name until my oldest was born. I just kept putting it off. ??‍♀️

  5. KT

    Many people delay changing their name until a while after their marriage

  6. Keepin My Name!

    I’ve been married 12 years and still vacílate on whether I’ll change my last name. I did not and I’ve not yet taken my husband’s name, though most seriously considered it after having kids. I don’t think this means much.

    • Katie


  7. Rebecca

    I’m in CA. It was a nightmare changing my last name. Had to put notices in news papers for a specific amount of time and had to go to court. CA was extreme.

    • meg

      huh? when was this?
      i live in CA as well, when i got married (9 years ago) it was a simple declaration on the marriage certificate and a trip to the SS office. Nothing more.

  8. Gg

    Honestly I have friends who have put this off for months and in one case, two years. Maybe she’s just not a good planner.

  9. Jj

    Wait, didn’t they get married in 2020? Also didn’t he divorce his previous wife in 2018?

  10. Anonny

    I didn’t change my name for 18 months because didn’t feel it to be necessary until I had a kid and wanted the same last name as them.


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