RHOM – story about a husband

Dec 21, 2021


  1. Run while you can

    Lenny is awful. It’s so apparent he hates his life by the way he reacts to Lisa trying to pretend their life is perfect. Rolls his eyes and responds in a sarcastic tone. Take him to the bank sis!

  2. Anon

    Yeah I don’t buy that it was just an emotional affair. I don’t feel like men, especially rich men in Miami, roll that way

  3. Madam

    Lenny is vile. I feel bad for Lisa


    Feel so bad for lisa hes always been pretty rude to her.

  5. Jess

    Did Lenny say this to Lisa or his mistress?

  6. MiamiMama

    Def was said to lisa not mistress. Lisa will stick through the humiliation for sure, shes not giving up that lifestyle or those birkins lol . Super sad the lack of respect for herself and from him to her.

  7. Kari07Tacoma

    He hit her forehead with his wallet?

  8. Tina

    I personally would find it easier to forgive a quick f*ck than my guy having an emotional affair. I don’t understand why she says as if that’s less worse. Obviously both are awful but I’d rather my husband be emotionally dependent on me. That means feelings wet involved not just sex

  9. La22

    I really like Lisa, and I feel bad for her.
    Some people would be surprised how men can reduce you to nothing, force you to do things you didn’t even know existed — Threaten with control over you and your children. The old “you will never see your kids again” threat.

    Lenny is a skeevy, perv. Emotional or not, I think it was/is a man.

  10. Ambition lacking

    Wasn’t she married to Momoa already, def was with him for a while at that point so I don’t get the timeframe nor the statement ‘you’re easily replaceable.’ Am I missing a lot here it seems?

    • Ambition lacking

      Duh wrong Lenny and Lisa … nvrmnd ?


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