In the DM’s

Dec 21, 2021


  1. Anon

    Likely wanting any evidence or statements regarding any drug use… likely to do with a custody situation and she is trying to load up on amo so she can have Ocean full time.

  2. London Girl


  3. Cristen Powell

    I think it could be child support. Showing Randall was at fault for Lala change of lifestyle

  4. fromshannon

    If she is reaching out to you with the courtesy heads up, she is absolutely not coming after you. She wants the receipts bc she has to deal w a custody battle for sure. Good luck tho ?

  5. Randall’s coke straw

    Custody. 100%.

  6. Ambition lacking

    Never show the ace up your sleeve which is why I know she’s lying. And since when is it a crime to participate in an affair with someone not married! Morally not cool but not a dang thing she can do legally.


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