An escort?

Dec 20, 2021

Escorts, madams, oh my ! Allegedly.


  1. April Sawin

    Isn’t Lisa H a hooker too?! Escort…hooker…same difference. Anyways, was she one of the girls Lisa had all over here IG?

    • N

      Could be, but I know there’s rumors she’s a madam.

  2. LOL

    Happened before PP. She’a bragged about it on her IG and blog before.

  3. Nicki536

    It’s pretty obvious looking at her insta. You can always tell by the places they visit. Dubai, Milan, London, LA, Monaco. With no obvious career or income but they fly to luxury hotels and are usually alone on their insta pics. The John took the pics. I just watched a YouTube vid of her time on Bad Girls and she’s a repulsive woman. I wish nothing but karma for this one- she seems to like calling other women fat and ugly all the time so I hope she gets fat. She’s earning the face she deserves right now.


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