Marriage a Dudd?

Dec 17, 2021

Publicly he’s spoken out in support of his newish wife against his adult daughter. Privately she’s spiraling and he’s very unhappy. He loved her spicy persona, she had a good gig and so did he. Their antics found them both unemployed. Though she’s an ambassador for several hair removal companies ? the lack of income from both sides is wreaking havoc in their marriage. Allegedly.


  1. A

    Dodd the Dudd!

  2. Kelly

    Kelly & Rick. I guess discussing episodes of RHOC on their podcast (from what I’ve seen on her insta) isn’t working too well for them! Heyyyy karma.

  3. MwithanE

    She needs to just go away… of course she was entertaining but when you rewatch, she just brought the show to a low level…

  4. Joe

    I can’t be the only one not shocked that this is happening.

  5. Paige

    Kelly should be cancelled as part of cancel culture.

  6. Karen Laferriere

    I give it 3 years

  7. Kim K

    She’s beyond help at this point! Obsessed with her old “place of employment” is an understatement

  8. Karen McWhitelady

    Couldn’t be happening to a more deserving pair XD

  9. Anon

    This tracks

  10. Emily

    Shocker! She’s a piece of shit for trashing his daughter. Poor Jolie,

  11. Meri

    Glad they’re together. No one else deserves them!

  12. Alina Blanco

    Do not feel sorry for either one of them. They deserve each other. They should stay together, who would want them.

  13. 22la22

    Could it be Cindy Barshop?

  14. Samantha Allen

    Kelly Dodd and Rick whatever his last name is.

  15. MwithanE

    They deserve it, they’re both assholes. They wouldn’t be offended by that either because they pride themselves in it.

  16. KMT

    With every “podcast” from their weirdly lit kitchen, Kelly’s hairstyle get a little more bonkers. She’s clearly obsessed with a show that fired her a year ago & is oddly fixated on Heather. I’m no Fox fan but this guy was actually once a respected journalist. Now he’s interviewing Lynne Curtain on a failing podcast with his racist, idiot of a wife. This won’t last.


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