Dec 16, 2021



  1. MwithanE

    Ben affleck on Stern… didn’t hear it myself but heard that some listeners think he was drunk. At the very least he’s an a hole.

  2. KGG

    Aging Actor Desperately
    Attempts to Stay Relevant

    JG is the mother of his children. Shame on him.

  3. Hannah

    Okay makes me feel less crazy. When I listened to it I for sure thought he was drunk.

    • Heather

      Same! I was like this man is slurring his words….

    • KK

      I thought he was drunk too! Glad I’m not the only one. I could hardly understand him at some points during the interview.

  4. Rhonda

    If I were with JLo I’d backpedal like a mofo, too. Will she not ever learn?

  5. Robin the Girl Wonder

    Finally! I have been scouring the web looking for someone saying this! The man was rambling and talking 100mph! Howard could barely get a word in…which is rare for Howard. My guess would be some kind of upper… he was very sure to use the words alcohol and alcoholic every time he mentioned his "sobriety". Trade one vice for another, maybe?

  6. HBT

    I have been saying this for months! He very rarely looks lucid ever since he got with miss “teetotaler.”

  7. GG

    He can say whatever he likes and place blame wherever he wants. We all know JG is a GODDESS, a GEM, someone who actually goes back to where she’s from to do good constantly, and is just a light in the world.
    He’s as gross as that back tat.

  8. K

    YES! I thought this the entire time I listened to the interview! It was uncomfortable to listen to.


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