I mean really?!

Dec 15, 2021

What does a powerful PR machine do when their A list lady is in a relationship with someone who has/had habits? They have the newish BF blame his also famous ex for all said habits. Claiming that everything is fine now. Who thought this was a good look? Allegedly.


  1. Anon

    Ben is a clown! His ex wife was a saint to put up with him

  2. Katie

    Ben & Jen & JLo, too bad Jen’s a sweetheart and he & JLo just look like assholes

  3. Rhonda

    I still have a hard time believing they’re a real couple. But really – her picker has always been off, so ??‍♀️

  4. HBT

    He is blaming Jen G. for his “habits”?!?! She needs to keep the kids away from this duo

  5. Lauren

    Justice for Jen Garner!!! She really took care of him during his messiness and that interview reeked of ick

  6. Anon

    Ben is an epic douche. He and J Hoe deserve each other.

    • nanook

      beautifully said!!!!

  7. Guy

    Ben is ?

  8. This is just annoying

    Did Garner leave Sunshine Sachs? Affleck and JLo are still clients, I believe, which is why their PR relationship gets shoved down everyone’s throats 8 times a day. Ben is so gross. I guess he forgot all the drunk ass pictures and videos of himself before and after his marriage to Garner. Brad Pitt’s rep never recovered fully after he blamed Aniston for his pot habit. Ben didn’t have any good graces to spare…

    • Bb

      Them being with the same PR company makes so much sense! I never understood how Arod=bad for trying to cheat with a reality star yet Ben and JLo getting back together was a romance story when they originally broke up because he cheated on her with a stripper in Vancouver who went public with the story lol

  9. Sarah

    I have a memory that GP talked about BA lacking integrity – he can act it but not live it. I may be remembering incorrectly…

  10. Lucy

    Ben is seriously the worst. He’s done

  11. KLM

    I was staying at the same hotel that Ben Affleck was staying at while filming years ago., this was around the time that Ben and Jlo were ending things. He had a huge drinking problem back then too and would show up in the lobby completely wasted and obnoxious. To blame Jennifer G is ridiculous and he is trying to play the victim. Time to grow up, zero respect left for him or Jlo.

  12. Kimber

    Let’s not forget when BA was sued for giving a girl in Royal Oak, MI the herp while he filmed Batman in the area. He was most definitely married to JG at the time.


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