More legal trouble in SLC!

Dec 15, 2021

Whitney Rose’s husband, Justin Rose, is being sued for an alleged money scheme. The lawsuit stems from allegations that the company is a money scam. “Distributors really can only make money by bringing in new Distributors – a classic pyramid scheme.,” the lawsuit alleges.

According to sources, some of the lawsuit was recently dismissed, but one claim regarding the pyramid allegation is going forward.

The lawsuit hasn’t been mentioned on Season 2 of RHOSLC.


  1. Roe

    This explains how Whitney who is a total airhead almost every episode became a fraud and pyramid scheme genius on the bus to there vacation whilst discussing Jens arrest. I always found that scene so odd.

    • Manda

      This! 100%

  2. Rhonda

    They’re Mormons. Justin has only worked in pyrami- er, mlms. Whitney met Justin working in an "mlm". Shocker ??‍♀️

  3. Anna C.

    This is the Mormon business model!

  4. Jsymone

    Mormons are behind essential oils & pyramid schemes. It’s nuts. This explains why Whitney knew so much about Jen’s “job”

    • Jess

      If this is true it tracks to why she’s making part of her storyline about spending/ losing so much money on rebranding her business

  5. Trish

    Saw a show on the whole LuLaRoe MLM and the reporter said MLM stands for Moms Lose Money.


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