Not a PJ in sight….

Dec 14, 2021

Even though most people thought they were together because he had money he didn’t seem to realize that. He’s acting like he couldn’t careless about her, so she’s making sure everyone, especially him, knows she was in it for the money. He’s been spotted with blonds, they’re escorts. To secure something for longer than one night you need the funds to provide a nice apartment and luxury vehicle. Allegedly.

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  1. Suzy

    Lala and Rand

  2. Housewifeaholic

    I mean… Lala and Rand.
    He’s sloppy and broke and she (probably) feels like she’s hitting her stride with her new book. Just sad for baby Ocean caught in the mess, and also for being named Ocean… but I digress.

    • FancyNancy

      The smartest commenter I’ve seen! Yes, yes, YES

  3. JJ

    Why have a baby with him if she was just in it for the money? Child support I guess? It’s going to be hard to be a sugar baby now that she has her own

  4. Krystle Chirurgi

    Lala thought she was going to secure the bag when she had a baby (which I believe she firmly wanted and adores) but he’s broke and she won’t be getting anywhere near what she thought. Just ask the ex wife who he’s trying to decrease his child support payments cause he’s “broke”

  5. Danielle

    I really don’t think she was in it for the money. It was a perk of course but not all in for cash. After the 50 incident she knew there wasn’t much. She would have ducked out then or soon after if it was just cash.

    If I was to put my penny’s worth in I’d say he’s trying to act like he doesn’t care and she’s playing him (and winning) at his own game. He’s majorly lost face and has nobody to go to bat for him anymore.

    He’s a sleazy, creepy little wannabe fuck boy and don’t we all know it. That blow along with the cheeky little digs from her will be doing his ego major damage and good for her!

  6. Shannon Houselog

    From the “Not a PJ in sight” sounds like Porscha and the hot dog king to me. PJ is their daughter’s nickname.

    • Avery Olson

      Not a PJ in sight for “private jet”

  7. SR

    If you saw Lala and Rand on Jeff Lewis’ show when they were fixing up their house, you definitely got the sense this was a REAL relationship regardless of what the dynamic was when it started. I felt like the small part we got to see of them together once he was on VPR made me feel like there was more too it than just sugar daddy/baby and they really loved each other. I’m sad for Lala and Ocean because we realized he’s a creep and wanted to believe he was a changed man.

  8. Fiore girl

    You lose em the way you catch em.

  9. Lisa C

    I would agree she really cared about him. The fact was and is, he’s not even that successful in the movie industry. He doesn’t even have the money to support the PJ lifestyle. He literally told the judge that in his child support case with his ex. I predict we’ll be hearing about back taxes owed, bankruptcy, etc. very soon.

  10. It’s about the pasta

    It’s a shame she cared more about securing the bag than securing a good father for her child ?


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