Well known B/C list couple is having a rough go of it. She sings and has a decent income source. They’ve had an open relationship in the past but she’s tempted by a close “friend” who has way more money. His sports money is drying up and the post career isn’t going as well as expected. Allegedly.


  1. Melissa Hershey

    Jessie James and Eric Decker

  2. KK

    Jessie, Eric & Arod?

  3. Gossip

    Sounds like JJD but she’s a D- singer at best.

  4. Wendy

    Iman & Teyana Taylor

    • Bb

      I know he’s not signed right now but it’s real quick for his sports money to be drying up already considering he played this past season

  5. Sydney Bass

    This is likely referring to JJD and Eric Decker. The friend is likely Arod. But this is something people who “snark” her on their Reddit page have said for ages and is all speculation.


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