Drew is a doll!

Dec 5, 2021


  1. Guy

    Ugh I love her

  2. Angel fish

    I’m not at all surprised! She has that vibe about her!

  3. Anon

    Had a different experience with her. I used to work reception at beauty content site and she came in and made her assistant speak for her. Didn’t even look in my direction. Once she got in with our editors and staff she was so kind and gave all of them beauty products etc. Just felt weird she would treat the front desk staff so horribly and then be a completely different person to the “higher up” staff.

  4. B

    She came into my restaurant and was so kind. Best celebrity I’ve ever met.

  5. B

    So sweet!

  6. B

    I just attended her talk show. She is genuinely the most down to earth, kind celebrity.

  7. Iluvtea23

    Totally believe! I met her about 18 years ago at a party and was introduced to her. She said my name like she knew me for years. Sweetheart


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