Remember that blind?

Dec 5, 2021

Awhile ago there was a blind that said a certain reality star was just trying to secure her own spot on the show. Once she did, she’d ditch her BF. Well. Well. Well. Allegedly.


  1. A


  2. AA

    But good for her because James needs some serious help.

  3. Angel fish

    If Raquel and James, for right now I feel bad for both. He obviously has such deep deep issues and she was blind to his behavior. So for right now I’m going to say if them, I feel horrible for both and wish they find happiness and success separately.

    • Trish

      Not feeling sorry for James at all. His behavior towards everyone and especially Raquel, has been reprehensible sober, not sober, or even California sober. How could he watch himself and not cringe???

  4. anna

    I don’t think it’s James and Raquel… I think it’s Taylor and Shep.

    • BB

      Def not bc Taylor hasn’t secured a spot on their show, right? Or did I miss the Southern Charm cast reveal?

  5. Sasha

    Raquel but she’s too aloof to be this strategic. I think James used her for a storyline so that he could get invited to events.


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